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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Santa Ana

Santa Ana Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycles serve a variety of purposes, and often we don't even imagine the need for a Santa Ana Bicycle Accident Lawyer. For young children, they may be primarily an entertainment that gets them out of the house and around the neighborhood. For adult riders, bicycles offer an enjoyable means of maintaining a physically active lifestyle. They also represent an environmentally friendly & cost-effective mode of transportation for those who live in adequately developed areas.

For others still, cycling is a competitive sport that demands long rides and long hours in the saddle along roads with occasionally indifferent or abusive motorists. Despite the varied reasons that people ride, they all face the shared dangers of bicycle accidents. Injuries sustained in a bicycle accident can range from small contusions to severe abrasions. However, they have the potential to cause more serious harm, such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, & even death.

In most circumstances, a cyclist's helmet, brakes, & arms are the only items that can protect him/her in the event of a mishap. This harsh reality emphasizes the importance of drivers, bicycle mechanics, even bicycle manufacturers exercising adequate caution and care in their various obligations to bicycle riders. When any of them fail or neglect their responsibilities, you need the assistance of an accomplished Santa Ana Bicycle Accident Lawyer to secure your rights.

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Santa Ana Bicycle Accident Attorney

According to statistics issued by the - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 49,000 people were injured in bicycle accidents in recent times, with more than 700 of those resulting in death. Although Santa Ana has many picturesque spots for leisure riding, there are also many potentials for cyclists to be injured as a result of a reckless or distracted vehicle, truck, or bus driver.

Santa Ana Bicycle Accident Lawyer is a specialized type of attorney who can assist you in filing a bicycle accident claim. There are various occasions in which you may need the expertise of a bicycle lawyer, & there are a few issues you should be mindful of before hiring one.

Why Choose Mr. Patel For Your Bicycle Accident Claim?

If you or any loved ones have been injured in a bicycle accident in Santa Ana, you need an able Santa Ana Personal Injury Attorney on your side who has vast experience handling similar situations. The law firm of Niral Patel Injury Law is eager to begin working on your behalf.

  • We have a 26year tradition of excellence, and our trial practice reflects our dedication to client service and obtaining great results.
  • Our Bicycle Accident Lawyer has over 50 years of combined experience, & we have obtained more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements for clients.
  • All accident matters are handled on a contingency fee basis. This implies that our clients will incur no upfront or out-of-pocket expenses as a result of their case.
  • We are only compensated for our legal fees if we obtain a positive settlement or verdict on behalf of our client.

The Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents In Santa Ana

A portion of the problem is undoubtedly caused by the frequency with which bicycles & automobiles are expected to use the same route. Bicycles are treated under the law as if they were basically equivalent to motor vehicles, with some exceptions. While this is convenient, it fails to recognize the fact that cyclists simply cannot accelerate or turn as well or quickly as drivers, as well as the considerable difference in size and protection. Some cities have made a commitment to designating bike lanes on heavily trafficked streets and avenues, but there are a number of dangers that still persist.

Depending upon the cause of your bicycle accident, you may be entitled to pursue legal action against the individual or entity whose negligence led to or worsened the effects of your crash. An experienced Santa Ana Bicycle Accident Lawyer can help you to identify the underlying factors of your accident, which commonly may include:

  • Faulty Chains
  • Brake Malfunctions
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Defective Helmets
  • Highway Defects
  • Car Doors Opening in the Way of Travel
  • Failure of Drivers to Yield

What Can A Santa Ana Bicycle Accident Lawyer Do?

If you or any loved one have been involved in an accident while riding a bicycle, you don't automatically need to hire someone. If your insurance covers you, or if the other party involved has you covered on their insurance (if they are at fault), you should exchange insurance and contact details. You and the other party involved can then smoothly sort out insurance matters with the help of the relevant party's insurance company.

Legal matters can usually be handled between the police, you, and the other person involved. If all goes well, fair and proper compensation will be awarded. But even in these simple situations, you leave too much on other parties; it's always wise to consult a Bicycle Accident Lawyer.

If things don't go smoothly, however, this is when you should definitely want to consider hiring a lawyer. One such situation is if there are points that you & the other party do not agree on things. For instance, the details of what happened and who is at fault, and what happened after. The case could well need to go to court in this situation, where you will need the help of a Santa Ana Bicycle Accident Lawyer.

Another scenario is if you believe you or the other party's insurance company is not treating you fairly, say by denying you a legitimate claim or by determining who is at fault incorrectly. Santa Ana Accident Lawyers may be able to get you the compensation you are entitled to by challenging the insurance company's determinations.

Fair Compensation For Bicycle Accident Victims in Santa Ana

If you or any loved one has suffered as a result of a bicycle accident, there are several legal issues that you'll need help clarifying if you intend to seek justifiable compensation from those responsible for your injuries. A few of the factors are listed below. Still, for a complete explanation of these issues and others, you need to contact our Santa Ana Bicycle Accident Lawyer as soon as possible.

The Defendants

If you or any loved one is riding a bicycle and you are injured by a vehicle, the first question that will need answering is the identity of the defendants. Obviously, you'll need to name the driver of the vehicle, but the next question involves other parties. You may need to include the driver's insurance company depending on the circumstances. You may even need to include the location where the accident occurred & if faulty road conditions or traffic signals could have been a cause of the crash.

Potential Compensation to Pursue

After you have identified the proper defendants, you will also need to obtain an understanding of the type & amount of compensation you could be justifiably due. Some of the possibilities for compensation include:

  • Cost of replacement equipment;
  • Cost of medical expenses;
  • Cost of lost income;
  • Cost of rehabilitation;
  • Pain & suffering;

This is quite far from a complete list, but rather is simply a few examples of the sort of damages and compensation that could be sought depending on the facts that surround the situation. Given the difficult decisions that need to be made, the best choice you can make is to contact our Santa Ana Bicycle Accident Lawyer as soon as possible. You need to make the next set of decisions with a foundation of knowledge, and you'll need the assistance of an experienced Santa Ana Personal Injury Attorney to acquire that knowledge.

What Sorts of Cases Do Our Santa Ana Injury Lawyers Handle?

Since each personal injury case is unique, it is critical that you retain the services of an expert Santa Ana Bicycle Accident Lawyer who has successfully handled situations similar to yours. Niral Patel Injury Law's injury attorneys have obtained considerable settlements and verdicts in a wide range of personal injury & wrongful death cases, including: