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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Santa Ana

Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Deaths from motorcycle accidents have climbed by an alarming 78% since the year 2000. This suggests that a motorcycle is a more accident-prone vehicle than a car. It also implies that this is a major issue; people enjoy riding motorbikes, and even if they are experienced, there is a good probability that an accident will occur. You will need the expertise of an accomplished Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer when you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

Here are a few facts about motorcycle accidents:

  • 10% of bike riders who end up in a collision have no helmets or eye protectors.
  • 95% of motor accidents are attributed to human mistakes.
  • 5% of road troubles are from motorcycle crashes.
  • 80% from that 5% figure above die instantly on the spot or suffer grave & permanent injuries.

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Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It is one common fact that the victims of motorbike collisions can sometimes be left with critical personal injuries, which can be potentially life-threatening, and in many cases, deadly. That's why a motorbike rider must always consult a Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer when needed. An apparent point - a motorcycle does not offer the barrier of welded metal, several crumple zones, and other protective features a car or truck normally has. This aspect, accompanied by the fact that motorbike riders can be challenging to spot, and people just don't think about the likelihood of a motorcyclist's presence on the road, makes up a recipe for disaster.

Why Choose Mr. Patel For Your Motorcycle Accident Claim?

If you or any loved ones have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Santa Ana, you need an able Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer on your side who has vast experience handling similar situations. The law firm of Niral Patel Injury Law is eager to begin working on your behalf.

  • We have a 26year tradition of excellence, and our trial practice reflects our dedication to client service and obtaining great results.
  • Our Santa Ana Personal Injury Attorney has over 50 years of combined experience, & we have obtained more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements for clients.
  • All accident matters are handled on a contingency fee basis. This implies that our clients will incur no upfront or out-of-pocket expenses as a result of their case.
  • We are only compensated for our legal fees if we obtain a positive settlement or verdict on behalf of our client.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident or any accident for that matter, the most important thing to deal with is your personal well-being and safety and the safety of other people involved. The next important thing to do is to collect just about all specifics of the incident. Keep calm because yelling at or blaming other drivers is counterproductive and will not make things any better.

You may wish to get all important information from the other driver and jot down details of the crash, including accident time, geographic location, and groups or individuals involved. Documenting the accident scene & the degree of the damage on the scene can help with your insurance coverage claim, so taking pictures would be a big advantage. Bear in mind that police officers might not be certified to grant legal counsel and cannot discuss fault with you.

It is the job of the investigators and insurance companies to ascertain who is liable. Report the collision in a timely manner to your insurance agent. The sooner you report the crash, the quicker your claim will be underway. It is highly recommended that you contact a Santa Ana Personal Injury Attorney shortly after the vehicle accident so that all evidence & information will be collected, which will be necessary for defending a suit.

You do not need to stress or bother about anything if you appoint a Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. He'll do everything that's needed, from the required documents to making contact with the insurance companies. Client satisfaction comes first for an efficient Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. That is why they exert a lot of work to ensure that your accident injury claim is dealt with at a fast rate and you get optimal benefits.

Motorbike accident claims are difficult, challenging on the survivors, and hard on the friends and family who didn't live due to a collision. Surprisingly, motorbike incidents make up more than eight percent of all traffic accidents in the country per annum. The volume of deaths represented by the 8 percent figure is roughly five thousand individuals lost, and every year that goes by, the numbers appear to creep up even higher.

A qualified Santa Ana Accident Lawyer will operate on contingency, and therefore nothing will be expected of you out of pocket up until the case settles. Only in that case will the attorney compute his charge from the payout. They will get the best settlement for your case and definitely shield what your motorbike helmet did not - your future.

What Can A Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

Nobody wants to be in an accident. But it happens to some. It will be considered a blessing if the driver is alive, but what if the crash has caused the driver's death? This is suffering for the loved ones left. If you are the victim, you have rights. These rights will be enforced through your Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. We will defend your legal rights and claim whatever you need from the other party, the company involved with your accident (if there is), or both parties.

If you are in a hospital with a head injury and casts all over your body, can you work on the legal documentation and filing on your own? You will not be able to protect yourself, and filing for a suit involving crashes is a complex move. You need someone who is skilled in the art of suing a Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

Fair Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Victims in Santa Ana

Typically, the procedure starts with a demand letter. This begins with a description of the accident and the arguments pertaining to the liability of the other party. All relevant facts should be listed, and the letter should begin with the strongest argument. Helpful comments on the police report should be included in the letter as well. Also, if the victim knows about the other driver's bad driving record, this factor could be crucial in the determination of liability.

In a city where frequent motorcycle accidents happen, like Santa Ana, a Accident Lawyer should go through liability arguments to make sure that the victim did not forget something important. A Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will be able to conduct a thorough investigation that could potentially lead to more supporting evidence in favor of the victim.

Comparative Negligence

The defense of comparative negligence could be the most challenging defense that the victim needs to counter. Thus, the victim needs to deny any type of negligent action on his part. In the letter, the victim could cite the police report, which indicates that he did not violate any kind of law, and there was no evidence showing that he was at fault for the accident. It is important not to admit any kind of fault for the accident unless it is proven that the injured committed a traffic violation that caused the accident.

Injuries and Treatment

The victim should offer a full description of their pain, injuries, and treatments in this section of the letter. Any indication of long-term damage, such as disfigurement, disability, or persistent discomfort, could dramatically raise the amount of compensation. Hence, an individual who has been injured in the Santa Ana region should ensure that their claim has been thoroughly assessed by a Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer before pursuing it with the insurance company.

Lost Income

Another crucial aspect that will be considered in determining the value of compensation is the amount of time missed by the injured as a result of the accident. As evidence, the victim should ask his employer to confirm his salary as well as the number of work hours he missed in writing. A Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer would advise victims against pushing too aggressively in the demand letter for compensation for lost income. This portion of the claim should be negotiated during the settlement process.

What Sorts of Cases Do Our Santa Ana Injury Lawyers Handle?

Since each personal injury case is unique, it is critical that you retain the services of an expert Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer who has successfully handled situations similar to yours. Niral Patel Injury Law's injury attorneys have obtained considerable settlements and verdicts in a wide range of personal injury & wrongful death cases, including: