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Slip and Falls Attorney Santa Ana

Santa Ana Slip and Falls Attorney

Slip and Falls

If you slipped, tripped, fell, stumbled, slid, or were injured in anyway due to a dangerous condition, you may be compensated for your injuries.

Top 5 most dangerous areas of a business:

  1. The produce and frozen sections of the grocery store are the most common accident locations. Fruits and vegetables and commonly rummaged and picked through, causing a messy floor. Freezers often malfunction, causing leaks and generally have water in the area.
  2. Bathrooms are often mopped, polished, cleaned, and resulting in slick floors. If done inadequately or fail to monitor the bathroom, or clean without posting a warning sign, you could fall and sustain serious injuries. The bathroom floors are hard and unforgiving when you fall and cause severe injuries.
  3. People stumble on mats, rugs, carpets, runners, slick floorings, doormats, bathmats, and other aesthetic items on the floor. These items are often inadequately fastened, positioned or placed in dangerous locations.
  4. Curbs, stairs, steps, treads, and rungs are common areas people fall. The curbs are often not marked, placed in inadequate position, too high, placed in visible areas or near areas that are distracting. Also, cracks or defects can appear and if the owner of the land knew or should have inspected and failed to repair the area, they can be at fault. People often trip of sidewalks where trees uproot the sidewalk.
  5. Falling merchandise is the most dangerous type on this list. Negligently placed items can fall from heights up to 20 feet and land on a customer. At that height, even a 1 pound item can cause a serious injury. These injuries occur at big box retailers or wholesale, club type stores such as Costco.

What to do if you are injured in a slip and fall:

  1. Ask for a manager immediately and instruct them to contact paramedics and conduct a report with your information and witness statements. Ask them to preserve the video surveillance cameras.
  2. Go straight to urgent care to the emergency room for evaluation. Even if you do not feel hurt, often times after an accident your body is in shock and producing adrenaline and other pain reducing chemicals. Once the danger ends and the chemicals ware off, you will feel pain. Do not wait for that to happen. Go to the doctor immediately. By the time you are treated by a physician, you will feel the pain.

What not to do if you injured in a slip and fall accident:

  1. Do not make any statements to the other person’s insurance company. They are only trying to get you to say things beneficial to them.
  2. Do not post any pictures or make any statements on social media. Often, clients post pictures of themselves doing strenuous activities while claiming to be in severe pain. Sometimes it is innocent but appearances can be deceiving. Even images taken in the past posted after the accident can appear suspicious.
  3. Do not wait to get medical care. Insurance companies will claim you are not really hurt or something else caused your injuries. Seek medical care immediately.