6 Questions to Ask a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Injury Accident

Motorcycle accidents can be a traumatic and stressful experience for the victims. They can result in fatal and non-fatal consequences and can require immediate medical assistance at times.

Motorcycle accidents in the US are common, with thousands of motorcyclists involved in a crash every year. In fatal cases, the victim is faced with life-threatening consequences. Even with their complete recovery, they’re still subject to medical expenses and possibly, loss of income.

Whether you’ve suffered a motorcycle accident injury or just looking to gather information on how to be prepared for one, a motorcycle accident personal injury lawyer can help you win the rights that you deserve as a victim of a bike crash.

Hiring a legal representation for yourself as a bike crash victim can help you reimburse your medical expenses, loss of income during the time, and all living costs in the future, which is necessary for sustenance due to inability to work because of the accident.

If you’ve suffered a motorcycle accident or know someone who has as a direct result of negligence by another driver, you have the right to be compensated by a personal injury claim.

Questions to Ask of a Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring the best personal injury lawyer to fight for your claims isn’t an easy task. You need to find the right attorney with considerable experience in motorcycle accident claims to see you through the court battle and tilt the ruling in your favor.

Your search for a personal injury lawyer can take time and effort on your part; nonetheless, it’s a necessary task that’ll help you in getting fair compensation. Book consultation sessions with lawyers after researching the best accident personal injury lawyers in your area. Ask them questions about their expertise and experience before signing a power of attorney over to them.

Below are some questions that’ll help you to narrow down on the best motorcycle accident personal injury lawyers:

  • What is Your Trial Experience in Motorcycle Injury Claims?

In most personal injury cases, the claim is settled outside the court, with both parties looking to avoid a long and cumbersome legal battle. Most personal injury lawyers also prefer to settle the matter out of court as it saves time and expense for their clients. But the settlement is not the only option you have, and a trial becomes necessary when the other party isn’t offering fair compensation for an out-of-court settlement.

In addition, an out-of-court settlement can also cause the insurance company to pay less than it should.

However, an experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer isn’t afraid to fight for your rights in the courtroom if the settlement amount is less than what you deserve. Therefore, the first question you need to get out is the attorney’s experience in fighting motorcycle injury claims before the judge and their track record.

  • How many similar cases have you successfully settled outside the court?

Just like not all motorcycle accident cases can be settled outside the courtroom, not all cases need to end up in trial as well. In some instances, the trial can stretch for too long, which is an inconvenience to all the parties involved. So, negotiating a settlement with the opposing party may be the best option forward in such cases.

Therefore, along with asking about the attorney’s trial experience, you should also know about their experience in settling cases. Try to learn more about their negotiating skills and how many cases they’ve settled successfully for motorcycle accident injury victims.

  • Who will represent me?

If the attorney you’re consulting with is part of a law firm, ask them about who’ll represent you in court? Clients generally assume that the attorney they’re in a conversation with will represent them, but that’s not always the case.

The law firm often may designate another associate to handle personal injury cases, or the attorney may pawn off the case to one of their subordinates. As such, you need to be completely sure about who’ll be the attorney on record for your case and if there will be any more co-counsels.

  • How many cases are you currently handling?

Most senior lawyers work on multiple cases at once. However, a lawyer who has his hands full will most likely be unable to give your case the attention it needs. Ideally, you should avoid an attorney with a lot of caseloads.

Ask the attorney about your case’s timeline and how soon they can file a claim on your behalf. If you think that they’re likely to delay filing the claim in court, the chances are that the attorney is busy with multiple cases to tend to.

  • How much compensation should I claim?

The most fundamental question that you have to ask the lawyer is: what is my case worth? Accident injury claims vary as per the facts, circumstances, and evidence produced in the court. The facts include the physical, psychological and monetary damage you’ve sustained as a direct consequence of the accident. Circumstances involve the other party’s negligence, which led to the accident.

All these, along with the expenses you’d had to incur and lose as a result of the accident, will determine the compensation that you’ll receive.

And while you and the attorney may have different versions of what fair compensation should be in your case, an experienced lawyer will look at your case more realistically with a practical approach, based on their prior experience of handling similar injury claims.

  • What will be your legal fee?

The legal fee that the attorney will charge includes the retainer cost, the legal fee payable to the court, and consultancy charges (if any). Although the chances are that the attorney will mention their fee before taking on your case, it’s wise to know every penny that you’ll be paying.

Vehicular accident claims involve a retainer fee agreement between the plaintiff and their attorney, which outlines a certain percentage of the claim you’ll be receiving shall be payable to the attorney. This contingency fee is negotiable and as agreed by the client and their lawyer.

The law states that your attorney will have the right of payment regardless of the outcome of your case, and so it’s wise to read the cost agreement that you’ll have to incur. If your case has more than one attorney on record, ask your lead attorney if the charges of the other lawyers are included in the fee agreement or not.

When Should I Hire a Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident off-late, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Even if you’re just exploring your options, an attorney can give professional advice on the best way forward based on their legal experience.

Moreover, some cases are viewed as more winnable by attorneys if they act quickly, and so consulting one immediately is the best way forward in such instances.

Hire Expert Personal Injury Attorneys in California

Victims of a motorcycle accident go through a lot of physical and emotional trauma along with a financial burden to bear. As victims, they have a right to a fair trial and due compensation if the accident resulted from negligence by the other party.

Hiring the best legal representative in personal injury claims is a critical decision that will impact your case outcome. Your attorney will have to face the opposing party and the insurance company to get you your fair share. There’s also a great chance that they may need to make depositions to support the case. As such, you’d want your lawyer to put money where their mouth is and get you the ideal compensation.

These questions can help you to decide which attorney has the most experience and expertise to win you the case.

If you’re looking for personal injury lawyers in California, Niral Patel injury lawyers represent you to the best of abilities and ensure that you receive justice, whether inside the courtroom or outside of it. Get in touch with us today or book a consultation session to know your personal injury rights.

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