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Employment Issues Attorney Santa Ana

Santa Ana Employment Issues Attorney

Employment Issues

If you are being harassed, discriminated against, are not being paid your wages or not given breaks and/or meal periods, or wish to be a whistleblower and report any illegal or unlawful activity, contact us. If you were retaliated against for complaining for any of the above, you can be compensated.

Workplace Harassment and Discrimination:

Often times, people are harassed directly, such as a co-worker, subordinate or supervisor making inappropriate racial, sexual, gender based or sexual preference based comments. You can report this activity to your, supervisor, human resources or anyone you reasonably believe has authority to act over the offender. The employer has a duty to do a reasonable investigation, including take statements from the parties and witnesses and review and documents to support the harassment or discrimination. If the employer does not investigate or does a sham investigation, they may be liable. Further, if the harassment and discrimination is companywide and the employer did nothing to stop it, they could be liable.

Wage and Hour:

Your employer, depending on your hours, is required to pay you overtime or double time. Also, the must provide meal and break periods after certain amount of hours, again, based on your hours and work situation.

Whistleblower/Qui Tam Actions:

If your employer is violating and laws, not reporting taxes correctly, or in some other way, cheating the government, you could be entitled to compensation.


If you completed to your employer and were retaliated against, you could be compensated. The retaliation could be termination, however, employers will get clever. You will not get a raise, be demoted, lose hours or favorable hours, be given extra tasks, moved to an undesired location or passed up for obvious promotions.